Logo Design

If there's one thing you prioritize when you're ready to reveal your business to the world, make it your logo. On your website, on an app, on your business card, or in an email signature, your logo is often the first thing clients or customers see when they discover your work. Logo design is a vital aspect of creating your business' brand.

Our designers work with you to create a logo that fits your needs and represents your brand, whether you're an artist or a company. We'll give you the look and feel you're going for, for a fraction of the price of other design firms.

Some clients come to us for logo design alone; others request it in the course of a larger project. Either way, we can create a stellar logo for you, suitable for use on your website, print material, and more. Competitive flat rates starting at $49.

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Targeted Aesthetic

The design of your logo says more about your business than anything other piece of your marketing platform. Make sure it's saying what you want it to. We have experience designing logos for artisans, writers, and craftspeople that reflect the soul of their work rather than corporate slickness.

Simple & Powerful

Flat and modern or bold and 3D, our logo designs convey value and substance through simplicity. Good logos are classic, timeless, and memorable.

Diverse & Scalable

We'll design your logo so it looks as good on your coffee mug as it does on your website. And if you need different logotypes for different contexts or spaces, we'll be happy to design a thematic suite that will work for all of your branding needs.

Selected Logo Designs

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