Legal Services

Our founder is an attorney with years of experience in creative writing and design. After starting RealmCrafts, it quickly became clear that our clients needed more than simple design work: they needed comprehensive business development solutions, including legal services. Let RealmCrafts provide you with the small business lawyer you need.

The legal needs of writers, artists, and makers are usually straightforward, particularly when they're first starting out. They need access to reliable legal agreements, assistance in setting up business entities, copyright and trademark assistance, and general legal consulting in the form of simple answers to simple questions.

We offer unbundled legal services for flat fees to solve just these types of problems. We give you all the reliability of a good small business lawyer without the hassle of large, up-front retainers or a formal attorney-client relationship: the legal services you need, and nothing you don't.

Contracts & Agreements

Operating agreements, partnership agreements, purchase and sale contracts, simple service agreements, and more. We'll provide customized, enforceable legal agreements for competitive flat fees.

Intellectual Property Consulting

We'll guide you through understanding, securing, and registering copyrights and trademarks so you can protect your work and your brand.

Legal Consultation

Have legal questions? We have answers. Speak one on one with our in-house attorney and get reliable, well researched solutions for your legal concerns from an experienced legal professional.

Contact us today to get started.