Creative Consulting

While RealmCrafts is a full-service design company for all small businesses, we specialize in helping people in the creative arts. We have years of in-house experience with writing, self-publishing, and the visual arts, and we'd like to share that experience with you. Our creative consulting services are designed to fill the needs of self-published authors, artists, makers, and creatives.

Starting your own business in the arts is a challenging endeavor, and it helps to have people on your team who can help guide you in the right direction. We consult in a variety of creative fields, including but not limited to: self-publishing, writing, digital art, artisan handcrafts, and more. Our experience with these arts at the creative and professional level gives us valuable insight into building and running a business selling your work.

We're happy to adapt our creative consulting methods for your needs, and work out a pricing framework that makes the most sense for you budget. Trust us to guide you through the sticky process of building a business online in your chosen field.


If you've never published a book before, the process can seem daunting. We'll be happy to set up an informative introductory meeting with you, help you create a strategy for your self-publishing goals, and then provide you with the creative consulting services you need to put the publishing process in motion.

Art & Film

Whether you want to share your paintings with the world or build a following for your film project, we can help you get your ideas out there and build a platform to sell them from. Our tool kit includes visual and film editing software, the full engine of our web design services, and years of experience bringing artwork to the internet.


The web has ushered in a new age of handicrafts, and makers of all stripes have connected with patrons, clients, and appreciators through services like Fiverr, Etsy, Instagram, and more. Let us help you bring your work to the world, in stunning high definition.


Services like Kickstarter, Patreon, and Indiegogo have made it possible for independent makers and artists to obtain funding for their dream projects. But running a crowd-funding campaign takes know-how and hard work, it's a lot easier if you have help going in. We'll put together a crowdfunding strategy for you and help you roll it out in a way that will maximize your project's potential.


Etsy is the leading marketplace for handmade goods on the web. If you're a maker or an artisan, an Etsy shop is an absolute must. We can consult with you to get your shop up and running and optimized for your particular work. We'll also help you design your shop and integrate it with your website.

Contact us today to get started.