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We design engaging covers for fiction and non-fiction. Whether you've written the next great space opera or a guide to amateur beekeeping, we can create a commercial face for your work. Our book cover design services bring fiction and non-fiction alike to the next level.

We work with all of the best self-publishing platforms (Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, Smashwords, IngramSpark, Wattpad, etc.) and independent and corporate publishers to design book covers according to the right specifications for your needs. We regularly produce simple ebook covers (front covers), full print covers (front, back, and spine), and pro design packages that cover comprehensive book cover needs for authors.

Our covers have been featured in contests, topped the charts on Wattpad, and drawn in readers from around the globe, and they start at only $49.

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People do judge books by their covers. We'll design yours so that readers want to pick it up off the shelf.


Readers expect different styles of covers for different genres. We'll design your cover to convey genre-appropriate aesthetics, while still setting you apart from the crowd.


Our covers compete with the pros. Don't settle for amateurish work. Let us design your bestseller.

Our Process


We discuss your book with you to get a sense of the story, the genre, the tone, and your vision for the book cover design. We'll encourage you to show us examples of similar covers that you find inspiring.


Our designers get to work, combining your ideas with our design expertise to produce an overall theme and several alternatives for you to choose from. We'll present them to you for your notes and approval, then go back and make any necessary changes to your favorite.

Finished Product

We're happy when you're happy, and we won't quit until you are: our designers will put the finishing touches on the cover design you approved and create an engaging, marketable book cover.

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